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John Centofanti ❤️
Founder of Creative Stream Marketing. Leader of NeedToMeet. Cardiac arrest survivor. More at

The use of unprecedented has certainly only been followed by uncertain.

Marketing’s Unprecedented Use of “Unprecedented” is Weakening Your Message


A quick search of my inbox a few months back showed more than 300 instances of the word “unprecedented“ and over 450 instances of the word “uncertain.” Add to that the number of times we’ve heard them on TV commercials, social media, newscasts, and everywhere online. We know these…

There is a waiting game in marketing not many talk about and sometimes refuse to acknowledge. Follow these gardening principles to reap a good business harvest.

My grandfather was born in 1900 in Italy. He came to America around 1930. By the time I was 10, he had moved from…

Every marketer has sent an email campaign with a mistake. Here’s what to do about it, along with examples from Google and Facebook.

What to do About Mistakes in an Email Marketing Campaign
What to do About Mistakes in an Email Marketing Campaign

I used to save emails from major companies that had major mistakes in them. My intent was to share examples for an article like this. After a…

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is the new favorite word for marketers. Is Artificial Intelligence just a marketer’s fancy way of describing an algorithm or advanced automation?

What many companies call their AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is really just glorified Input/Output. …

Being overly formal makes people feel more negative about your company than you realize… at least in most cases.

I won’t name the offending company because I feel embarrassed for them. I recently read a company’s leadership bio page on its website. They listed their leaders’ names exactly like this:

Learn how to develop slide decks for prospects based on their stage in your sales funnel, and how PowerPoints are much like shoes.

Graphic design is different than art. Its purpose is to persuade and communicate. The directions tile at the top of this post was one of many scattered…

Many tech companies refer to their offering as a product, others call it a solution, and still others refer to their service. What’s the best way to market your offering?

If you are routinely charging different rates or prices for your offering, chances are, you don’t have a product.


This is an unfortunate but common B2B marketing story. Maybe your business has landed a major client, such as Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, or some other Fortune 500 company. …

John Centofanti ❤️

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